Landscape photography mentoring sessions

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I invite you to spend a few hours with me to improve your landscape photography skills and abilities. I am an award winning full time, professional landscape photographer working in the travel & leisure, hospitality and photography industries to capture landscape images to the highest standards for commercial clients.

My work appears regularly in national newspapers, magazines, retail outlets, galleries and billboards, and I would love to share my experience and love of landscape photography with you, to help you pursue your passion with more expertise and technical ability. 

Watching a YouTube video or listening to a lecture is great, but to have someone sit with you and talk through your questions and show you how to get the results you're looking for will improve your photography skills so much quicker.

Whether you've just bought a new camera and want to learn how to use it, or are at an intermediate or advanced level of landscape photography, my mentoring sessions will help you discover how to take better photos, edit them correctly and ultimately, enjoy photography so much more.

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A one hour 1-2-1 session, covering ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, composition, light, lenses, filters, preparation and other helpful aspects to help you to understand the basic principles of landscape photography.

A one hour 1-2-1 landscape photography shoot in the South Downs, UK. I will spend an hour with you at sunrise or sunset to help you put the basic principles into practice.

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A one hour 1-2-1 session to cover more advanced principles of landscape photography at a more in-depth level, and includes a look at your portfolio and how to edit your images correctly, and improve your skills to take your landscape photography to the next level.(when you book your session I will discuss which areas you want to improve on and will tailor the session to meet your needs)

A two hour 1-2-1 landscape photography shoot in the South Downs, UK. I will spend two hours with you at on a landscape shoot to help you improve your skills and creativity.

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Four 1 hour 1-2-1 sessions geared around your landscape photography abilities. We will discuss how to improve your skills, portfolio, editing, website, printing and selling images. This is designed to help you bring your images to a standard where they are ready to sell commercially and to the public.

Four one hour 1-2-1 landscape photography sessions in the South Downs, UK. These will be spread over the course of a few weeks so that we can meet up in between each session to discuss your images and work flow.

To book your place or find out more, please click on the contact button or send an email to

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